Friday, February 15, 2013

love hurts

I patted myself on the back for planning my portion of our V day meal so that most of the work was done ahead of time and skipped off to rugby training.  Soon after the session began I started wondering if my coach was down on love.  For the next hour we went through increasingly difficult drills that involved carrying our teammates around the pitch.  We were paired off according to position, which resulted in me being placed with another front rower who probably outweighs me by seventy to eighty pounds. Then we spent the last thirty minutes in a team run.  If I'd had any energy left at the end of it, I would have flipped off coach when he wished us all a happy remainder of our Valentine's day.

SB had reason to worry when I staggered through our front door like I had sea legs.  I barely had the energy to shove the pre-made dishes into the oven.  I passed out on his lap before we made it to dessert and woke up to find him watching some gory show about the Boston Irish mob digging up putrid bodies in a basement.  Considering the previous mishaps, this was one of our more successful V days so I will chalk it up as a win.

Even better, I woke up this morning and had the red velvet cake for breakfast.

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