Sunday, February 24, 2013

no pain

Our rugby team won our semifinal and are on our way to our fifth grand final in a row.  We were not expected to win the semifinal, having lost to the opposition team every time we met in the regular season.  This probably was my favorite win in recent memory; not only did we play our best game as a team after an average regular season, but I tackled their fly half.  Twice.  And I'm a prop.  Yeaaaaahhhh!

Our club has been partnered with Australian Nutrition and Sports, and they have provided us with protein drinks and other nutrition/performance supplements throughout the season.  Before the match we were given energy gels.  I was concerned about being too jittery and then crashing but Tom, the representative, explained to me that they did not contain caffeine or anything that would cause the peaks and lows that a lot of energy boosters cause.  Since our team hadn't been performing well anyway I figured that I had nothing to lose by trying out the gel, which was filled with electrolytes  vitamins and amino acids.

After the match my teammates and I debated over what caused the peak in our performance.  Most of us felt much higher in energy throughout the match and it wasn't until an hour after the match before I started noticing fatigue.  Was it the gel, the placebo effect, or adrenaline?  After the first half I had the feeling that you get with a runner's high.  Apparently the runner's high is great with masking pain because I had no idea that I had sprained my wrist until hours later.  And my legs - let's just say that I'm wrapped and compressed like a mummy in hopes of a speedy recovery.  I look hot; I don't know why SB isn't all over me.

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