Thursday, February 7, 2013

paved with god intentions

Reading the news articles regarding the cover ups and behind the scenes manipulation by the archdiocese of Los Angeles has enraged me.  Over the years, the Catholic Church has engaged in many slippery maneuvers to protect their assets without a care to their victims- the most innocent of victims, abused by the worst kinds of individuals, shielded by the church. Eight U.S. Catholic dioceses have filed for bankruptcy protection.  In Florida, the most vocal opponent to removing the statute of limitations for sexual crimes against minors was the Catholic Church.

I am sick with thoughts of my indirect support of these criminals.  I think of every tithe I paid to my congregation, of all the money I raised by fasting and donating my lunch money as a kid, and any pride I had is replaced by deep suspicion of what the money was used for.  I remember my first trip to Italy and visit to the Vatican.  I saw the priceless artwork, including one of the largest collections of contemporary art in the world, but my awe is replaced by cynicism.  I wonder how the great wealth that was funneled into the highest ranks of the church is somehow untouchable to the victims of these "bankrupt" dioceses.

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