Tuesday, March 12, 2013

brain busted

SB's sister and brother in law are both teachers. Our visits usually include some sort of learning related games.  Two visits ago they brought some puzzles consisting of knotted ropes and wood blocks.  Upon entering the kitchen for breakfast, I was presented with a puzzle to disentangle.  I got it apart almost immediately and was mystified over the point of the game.  SB was miffed to tell me that it took him half an hour to work out.  I've tried a few more of those disentanglement puzzles with similar results but my talents do not extend to other types of puzzles.  I can only take things apart with ease.

Last summer SB's sister quizzed us on an almost daily basis with a flag game.  We not only had to identify the flags of countries, but we had to spell the countries correctly.  Have you ever tried to spell Kyrgyzstan or Azerbaijan?  And that wasn't the worst of it; way too many flags look very similar to each other, such as Mali, Senegal, Cameroon and Guinea  It was interesting to learn some of the flags that belonged to places that weren't countries but disputed territories such the the Caucasus areas of Abkhazia and Nagaro Karabakh. She kicked my butt at every continent.

During the latest challenge, SB decided to test his own intelligence and dragged the three of us along with him.  The challenge was to not only name all fifty states, but to draw them.  Our attempts were hilarious and woeful.  It didn't take long for me to realize that I have no idea what's going on in the Midwest while SB has clearly not spent a lot of time in the South.  I wonder what would happen if we asked our Chinese friends to do the same with provinces.

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