Tuesday, March 19, 2013

caught out

The first big rainstorm of the year arrived as I was scouring the market for my Seven's costume.  I used to put a lot of effort into a clever getup but this year I'm going for comfort since it will probably be a very humid weekend.  I cowered under an awning with a couple members of the Cook Island team while lightning flashed and thunder roared.  Nearby, a few members of the France squad were looking wet and miserable since they were trapped in a shop with a rather aggressive peddler of vinyl bags.

It is not supposed to rain over the weekend but I am prepared for the worst.  At least the humidity will be advantageous for Asian teams.  Almost all of the import players for my local team experienced painful cramping and dehydration at the beginning of the season because of the humidity and I'm hoping that some casualties will slow down the teams that Hong Kong is playing against.

Of the three female players from my club who were part of the training squad, two have made it past the final cut and onto the national team.  The player who got left out is still a teenager and I imagine that she has a long and fruitful career ahead of her.  This year she will be cheering with me from the stands but next year I will probably be cheering for her.

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