Thursday, March 28, 2013

commanding woman

President Obama has appointed Julia Pierson as the first female director of the Secret Service.  Many news outlets have discussed the move as showing his desire to change the male-dominated culture of the agency following that recent prostitution scandal in Colombia.  Or maybe she was simply the most qualified for the position.  SB's cousin was the first female deputy director of the Secret Service and her mentor.  This preceded any sex/sexist scandal and when BR, a thirty year veteran, was made the deputy director few felt compelled to make comments on why to choose a woman instead of a man.  When you look at Pierson's career, the advancement to director seems obvious, not some political gender based decision as some idiots in the media are trying to assert.  Almost all directors and deputy directors were once chief of staff, among other notable positions and so was Ms. Pierson.  It is poor to overlook all of her deserving qualifications and instead believe that the leader of one of the most important organizations of the United States was picked for any lesser reasons.

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