Saturday, March 16, 2013

in context

Sometimes you have to step back to see things clearly.

When I first moved to South Texas, just below the cowboy capital of America, I experienced a culture shock.  Life was normal during the week, when I went to school and worked a part time job, but on the weekends time got slow.  Relax, said Uncle Jon, and so I learned how to relax.  Laying on the deck of his boat with a gin and tonic or sitting on the porch listening to him play his guitar, I relaxed.  Even my words left my mouth more slowly.

When I moved to New York life sped up again.  Relax changed into the activity you did when everything else wore you out.  You didn't set aside time to relax.  Hong Kong is similar to New York that way.  We try to relax but we're too damn busy.  Relaxation is what we do only when we leave on holiday.  It's not a bad thing that we don's fall into boneless stupor because we're having fun with our busy schedules.  I like the rugby/hockey/lacrosse/rowing/hiking on weekends very much.  It's just different.

Tonight I went through a list of words relating to happy memories that came up in my mind when I thought about life in Texas.  SB didn't understand most of them but for me, they are quintessential South Texas.

Guadalupe River
the rodeo
hill country
Gruene Hall
chili queens
Shiner bock
Blue Bell
the Alamo
6th Street
the river walk
King Ranch

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