Monday, March 11, 2013

sweet tooth

According to the Original Tooth Fairy Poll, and published in the L.A. Times, tooth fairy payouts have increased 15.2% over the past year.  Nowadays the tooth fairy leaves an average of US$2.42 under the pillow, which sure beats that quarter I got back in the late eighties.  But my parents were well known for being frugal and my best friend's $1 haul was probably more accurate of the times.

Years ago my cousin became persona non grata in the hood when her daughter lost her first tooth and my cousin discovered that she didn't have any small bills in the home so she improvised with a $5 note.   Her six year old daughter was very excited about the visit from the tooth fairy and shared her haul with the neighborhood children, who in turn asked their parents why the tooth fairy liked my cousin's child more than them.  Six years have passed and the neighbors still tease her about the Tooth Fairy Incident.  

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