Friday, March 1, 2013

terrorists, fascists and parasitic species

SB and I had a lively debate over former basketball player Dennis Rodman's visit to North Korea.  SB said that maybe the effusive Rodman could do some good with his goodwill while I thought that he had truly earned his nickname of "the worm."

I requested special dispensation from Godwin's law and then compared Rodman's visit to how we would regard a friendly visit to Hitler.  Then I thought more about it and amended my comparison to Stalin.  Yes, I see a lot of similarity between the "Supreme Leader" and the "Brilliant Genius of Humanity," and I would (and do) condemn any worm who would befriend the leader of a state with that kind of human rights record.

We then moved the debate to why I felt justified calling Kim Jong-un a terrorist.  SB says no but I say that the country's incompetence with missiles and nuclear weapons doesn't exclude it from being labelled as a terrorist state when the intent is to use threats of violence for coercion.  That guy who failed in his attempt to blow up a plane by lighting his shoes on fire may have been an idiot, but he was still practicing terrorism.

SB thinks that the goal of North Korea is not to sow fear and therefore it isn't a terrorist state.  He had more to add but it's my blog so I get to give myself more space for my argument.  However, if you would like to back up SB, you may do so in the comments.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I (or anyone) really knows what their goal is, although it probably isn't to spread fear per se. However, an effect (and they cannot be unaware of this) of their words and actions is undoubtedly to sow fear, so by that measure they are a terrorist state.

However, it isn't too big a stretch from there to also deem, for example, Israel to be a terrorist state given their nuclear capability and their apparent complete disregard for international opinion in their approach to the whole "middle east problem".

"Terrorist state" and "repressive state" often overlap, but they're two quite different things...

architart said...

I missed your comment originally but I'm glad that I saw it in my email cleanup. I was pondering your view on Israel and I might label them as a repressive state and not a terrorist one although their brand of repression extends beyond their borders...or at least the borders that the rest of the world acknowledges. As for goals, I have concerns over any group of people who use terms such as 'chosen people' or 'god-given' or 'manifest destiny' as a defense for oppressing others.

Anonymous said...

"I have concerns over any group of people who use terms such as 'chosen people' or 'god-given' or 'manifest destiny' as a defense for oppressing others."

No question that we can agree on that!