Friday, April 5, 2013


Here in Hong Kong, near constant rain showers have sprung to herald the arrival of spring.  I have a pair of bright green rain boots with pink polka dots that remind me of the colorful and floral beauty of the season.

With the inclement weather, I have only managed three days of fun during the multiple holidays that coincide this time of the year.  SB and I have been cooped up for much too long and are driving each other crazy.  I have decided that his habit of taking up 3/4 of the couch to stretch out his legs over me is not endearing after all.  And then there's the playing sports in our tiny apartment.  First there was the tap, tap, tap of stick handling with his hockey stick and a tennis ball and then there was the back and forth cradling of the lacrosse stick near my head.  I finally snatched the instruments of disaster out of his hands and loaded up the duck shooting game on the Wii while I fled to the bedroom with my Kindle.

I'm not coming out until the sun returns.

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