Sunday, April 7, 2013

the straight edge

One the the recent news stories on my reader was an article regarding dinosaur sex.  What, you don't have these subjects on your news reader?  From the ages of seven to twelve I had more books on dinosaurs than any other subject.  I could name them all, or at least all of the ones that were known in the eighties including a few that have since been proven to be nonexistent.  I have moved on but not enough that a headline mentioning dinosaurs won't hook my interest.

Recently scientists have been able to use animation technology as well as a more accurate depiction of the makeup of dinosaurs to conclude that stegosauruses had sex in the missionary position.  In fact, any other position would possibly have resulted in castration.  I was unaware that anyone was able to conclusively figure out the configuration of the spikes so I'm glad that that's been taken care of.

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