Tuesday, April 23, 2013


SB loves the scent of my facial lotion even though I don't think that it smells like anything.  It's Olay Regenerist with SPF properties.  I wonder if SB, who can only breathe out of one nostril anyway, is actually able to detect some sort of attractive scent or if he's smelling the sunscreen part of the lotion.  He likes the scent of sunscreen because "it smells like fun."

On several occasions SB has given a kiss and then had to go spit out the lotion that was on his lips.  I had begun to have suspicions regarding how come he always manages to taste the lotion.  This time as his nose came into my line of sight I warned him against kissing me while I was applying lotion.  He continued along, smooching me on the cheek.  I then observed him as he stood nearby and sure enough I saw his tongue dart out to swipe at his lips and then he made an awful face and went to the sink.  I knew it!  That weirdo is tasting my lotion on purpose even though he repeatedly gets reminded that it tastes like...lotion.

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