Thursday, May 16, 2013

not my ideal

Yes, yes I know that I often lovingly refer to SB's pleasantly fuzzy exterior coating and his prehensile feel but there is a limit to my fondness of early history.  

My recipe feed has recently been bombarding me with all sorts of recipes for 'paleo' this or 'paleo' that.  Without knowing anything about the new diet, I already had an idea of what is was about, considering that paleolithic refers to the prehistoric time period that our ancestors developed stone tools.  In other words, it's a caveman diet, except the foods featured don't look like anything cavemen would have conjured with their rocks and axes.  Yes, call me a cynic.

Fad lovers, miracle weight loss/health seekers and a diet professionals claims that benefits of eating a diet made of of foods that a caveman could hunt or forage (though not exactly what a caveman would have cooked) include freedom from diseases such as heart disease and diabetes as well as a slim figure.  I think that most dietitians would agree that lean meat and fresh fruits and vegetables in a balanced diet would have the same benefit and you wouldn't even have to buy the paleo book.

I suspect that most diet followers, like religious devotees, have a need to be told specifically how to think and what to believe when they adhere to these diets.  To distinguish the diet from the all too simple advise to eat balanced meals, paleo gurus tell dieters to eat specific wild plants and food that could have been hunted or gathered in paleolithic times.  This will eliminate exposure to the processed foods that contain cholesterol and saturated fat, as well as the 'diseases of affluence.'  

I'm not interested in anything that bans gluten or dairy because I am a cheese lover, despite being lactose intolerant, and SB is a bread lover.  I don't eat very much dairy but I could never cut it out of my life entirely and SB is genetically gifted so who cares if he eats entire baguettes all day long?  Beside, have these paleo dieters been to the museum of natural history?  Those cavemen in the reenactment scenes are all four feet tall and bent over with teeth that were worn down from all of that stone ground grain.  That is not my picture of perfect health.

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