Friday, May 31, 2013

Wronged number

SB had been receiving several phone calls per week from an unknown number. He always answers calls from unknown numbers because they are often from overseas family and friends but the latest batch have been from telemarketers.

I was told that telemarketer calls from unlisted numbers are not allowed but how does one report violators if one cannot identify the caller? SB often gets an earful of rapidly spoken (and not allowing interruption) Cantonese, followed by being hung up on when he asks who the caller is.

We have tried to talk to our mobile provider about this nuisance but China Mobile claims that there is nothing to be done. We are also a bit suspicious because China Mobile sells its customers' numbers.  And then charges them for calls. Brilliant.

After complaining to Cousin Shoils we were given some advice. Next time SB receives an unlisted telemarketing call he will breathe heavily into the phone and say, "It is done but there's blood everywhere." And then when the telemarketer begins to speak, he will hang up.


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