Saturday, June 15, 2013

I won't be there

I could explain why I'm not the least bit interested in going to the rally at 3pm or supporting Snowden but Slate's article pretty much covers my feelings on the subject, and more eloquently than I could.  Slate Magazine is on of my go-to online publications; they tend to espouse views that are strikingly similar to mine: left leaning yet moderate, with occasionally haughty or contraction stances.  Like the folks over at Slate, I am strongly opposed to the NSA gaining full access to private companies' Internet servers and spying on its citizens.  Even if Snowden's accusations now seem to be greatly exaggerated, I still want a review and clarification of just what my government is doing to its own people.  But I never did like those martyrs that I had to read about in catechism class; they reeked of delusional and self serving behavior.  Of all the available options, why chose jumping into the fire?

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