Friday, June 21, 2013

one of those days

SB happily trotted off this morning for a hike; he had planned out an off the trails voyage to locate some waterfalls in Tai Po that he had seen on a recent trail hike.

Two hours later he was home again, having abandoned the hike fifteen minutes in when he realized that it was one of those days in HK that is simply too hot to be outside.  We've had a few incidents where we have had to cut short our hikes when we've become alarmingly low on water and today was just not the day to try something new.


Anonymous said...

By coincidence I bailed on my hike today as well, and that was just the short trek over High Junk Peak. It takes a while each year to get used to 30+ degree hiking, but as I get older it becomes harder and harder.

Going off-trail alone at 30+ degrees is rarely wise anyway, particularly stream-trekking, which is one of the most dangerous forms of hiking here.

architart said...

I concur. Our agreement is that he can splash around in stream beds that he follows while searching for falls and other nice water features but he will save scaling them for when I am along. He gets an exception if he manages to join up with one of the roving bands of shirtless old men who occasionally appear during our stream hikes.

Not that I don't trust him (hah!) but SB is hooked up to a GPS so I know exactly where he's been.