Sunday, June 30, 2013

summer glow

One of the things that I love about summer is junk trips.  There is nothing like swimming in the ocean at an outlying island with a few dozen friends to make you forget how hot and miserable Hong Kong is during the summer.  

In the past month a few junk trips were derailed by foul weather but last weekend I was finally back out on the water.  Everything was brilliant, literally and figuratively, and a lovely swim turned into nearly an hour of laps by the beach.  Unfortunately my back was...out on the water.  I didn't do a good enough job with the sun lotion and now I have glowing, angry, red skin at my shoulders and lower back.  

As misery likes company, I was somewhat pleased to notice that my teammate was not wearing underwear beneath her shirt the next day. Apparently tight elastic was too much for her skin.  We have another junk this weekend and I'm wondering where to buy those neoprene balaclavas that are so popular in Qingdao.

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