Monday, July 22, 2013


I halted SB in the middle of shoveling breakfast down the hatch to instruct him to savor it, or at least chew.  I can't abide seeing a meal that I spent half an hour cooking go down in two minutes, if that.  He used his usual excuse that it was so delicious that he couldn't stop eating quickly but I noticed that he was watching the morning news program while automatically inserting food into his mouth.  Then he tried to explain that he was on the accelerated savoring program. Great, I thought, I have become his mother.  That's the risk you undertake when hitching your wagon to a high energy, low attention span person.  You end up gently or not so gently reminding, reproaching and recovering from that nervous breakdown that you had when he ran through traffic to chase the bus that he wouldn't have been chasing if he had left home when you told him to.  Repeat of reminding, reproaching and recovering.  

I am thankful for every day we have together that doesn't end up in the Darwin Awards.  

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