Tuesday, July 23, 2013

don't you hate it when

Don't you hate it when you ask a question and the respondent feels that "I don't know" isn't an option when that is really his/her only answer?

Last week I questioned a candidate for a position on a local board and rather than saying that he didn't know (he could have offered to get back to me) he proceeded to take me on a diversionary journey that lasted for five minutes and changed my simple yes or no (or I don't know) question into an oration on vague things that aren't working in the board, not that he had any answers to those either.  He repeated numerous times that he was a lawyer, which made me wonder if he was trying to tell me that lawyers aren't allowed not to know everything all the time.

Today I asked the sales woman at a furniture store if a rattan chair that she told me was discontinued, despite being featured online, was possibly available in remaining stock in the Ap Lei Chau warehouse, or if not would the store be bringing in a similar item to replace it.  She told me to look for furniture on their website, somehow missing the role that the product on the website had played in my wasting of time traveling to the store to place an order.  So I reminded her that she had just told me that the chair was discontinued and then repeated my question.  When she handed me a catalog (actually she wanted me to buy the catalog) that featured my discontinued chair on the cover. I was able to answer my own question: I don't know and now I'm going to lead you in circles until you give up so that I don't have to admit that I don't know. And she won.  I gave up.

Now I know why everyone has black, fake leather furniture.  They were going to order something beautiful but pleather was all that was really for sale when they got to the shop.  Because everything else was discontinued.  Years ago, probably.

In other news I inherited a bottle of Bombay Sapphire from a neighbor who moved away and we're going to get acquainted now.

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