Sunday, July 7, 2013

Isn't it ironic?

I was asked by my teammates to attend a union meeting for the women's committee on Friday.  We were casting votes for upcoming elections and the women's committee members were choosing the candidates that our committee would support in the election.  The woman who usually represents my club was feeling a bit stressed and asked me to join her.

When I got to the meeting she showed me an email sent by the president of our club, telling her who to vote for.  No reason why she was to vote for certain candidates, just a directive from him to vote for them.  I could feel facial muscles twitching as I read the email. I may have muttered a few things about puppets and irony.

One of the candidates he told our rep to vote for does not support placing first division women's rugby under the performance classification for referee assignments with first division male teams and seems to think that we are just fine being treated like a social club.  The other candidate was the president of a team that has a very poor record with supporting female and youth players.

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