Wednesday, July 17, 2013

let down

I have been closely following the trial of George Zimmerman for killing Trayvon Martin, which wasn't hard to do because the media has been reporting every angle; with every accusation; and every truth, misconception, and assumption. Did he get away with murder? Was it a racial attack? Was the prosecutor incompetent? Will the DOJ get involved? Did the boy deserve it because he had been in trouble at school for smoking pot?

From my understanding, in Florida you cannot lawfully kill someone if you have opportunity to turn away or remove yourself from a situation. Since Zimmerman went after an unarmed teenager while in possession of a firearm, in my opinion something unlawful seems to have occurred. So yes, I believe that the prosecutor was incompetent and the DOJ should intervene.

As for whether it was murder, manslaughter, or criminal negligence, I can't figure it out because the Florida Stand Your Ground law blows my mind. What is for sure is that an teenager went to the store to buy candy and was killed by a man who was following him with a gun.  And a lot of people think that it was legal.

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