Saturday, August 17, 2013


Mangosteen is one of my favorite fruits.  I introduced SB to it and he loves it also.  Unfortunately he didn't understand the structural properties of a mangosteen, which is how we ended up in the emergency room again.

For the record, the easiest way to open a mangosteen is to firmly squeeze it until the hard, outer shell cracks to reveal the fruit inside.  Although the shell is hard and strong, it has few elastic properties and will crack under steady compression.

In other words, do not attempt to ravenously stab the fruit open with a butter knife.

Or you will end up in the emergency room getting sewn up by a needle and stabbed by another needle filled with tetanus vaccine.  Which will be a terrible ordeal if you are afraid of needles.  And Archi will not be sympathetic because you ruined her appetite for her favorite fruit and kept her awake until 1am on her first week at her new job, the dream job that she had been looking for since moving to Hong Kong and may have considered stabbing someone (only briefly (thinking of briefly, not stabbing briefly)) to gain access to the job.

So remember: squeeze, not stab.

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Gweipo said...

ouch. that so could have been a scene from our household I had to smile.
But I'd have been swearing if I was the one stressed out at emergency late at night.