Monday, August 26, 2013

on the move part 1

I began to bounce back after catching the office cold.  Or maybe more accurately, the Quarry Bay cold since my friend who also works in the neighborhood was similarly sick last month.  I couldn't wait to leave the sickbed and get out in the world but apparently everyone else in Hong Kong had the same idea.

On Saturday afternoon as I was leaving the Valley I noticed that the traffic police had manually taken over the traffic lights due to insane gridlock.  At almost every corner in Causeway Bay near Morrison Hill was a motorcycle officer leaning against an open signal box with a radio to his ear.

What I had never seen before was the officer standing in the middle of the highway directing cars in merging lanes.  It makes sense since so many people have been born with bad merging genes.  Any time I am on a bus or tram, I can experience bad merging genes in action as people hump the strangers in front of them for fear that the other people waiting on the stairs to exit might possibly squeeze in and actually be allowed to alight.

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