Wednesday, August 7, 2013

the horror, the horror

Until experiencing the vexatious aggravation that is the biting midge, I thought the mosquito to be the bane of my life.  Blood suckers love me and I'm not sure why.  Some people say it's because of my blood type (O-) while others have theories of my pheromones.  The only thing for certain is that SB doesn't need to wear insect repellent when we hike as long as I am nearby.  It is uncanny how I usually am to first (or only) person in a group to be bitten.  Trips to the beach can end in misery for me as dusk approaches and I become covered in dozens of bites.  I hardly leave the home without my trusty, little bottle of 100% DEET spray.

If you hate skeeters (mozzies if you are Australian) then you will join me in being fascinated, horrified and possibly a wee bit nauseous watching this extreme closeup by National Geographic featuring my most hated adversary.

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