Saturday, September 21, 2013

brace yourself

While everyone else is either praying for a huge storm so that we get Monday off or freaking out in the case of a few new residents, SB is trying to find people to go on a hike.  I am not amused.  He will only make it as far as Shek O and I will go with him to ensure that he doesn't scale the headlands.  I am a killer of all things fun for him when it comes to big storms.

If there are any readers who have recently moved here and are worried about the storm impact, let me direct you to an earlier post regarding Hong Kong's superior storm water management system. With nature, we can only predict so much but we are prepared well enough that as bad as things may get, they won't be Katrina bad, or even Sandy bad.  I was going to purchase a couple of 5 liter water jugs for an upcoming junk trip so I went ahead and bought them early; this is pretty much the extent of my storm preparation. If the Hong Kong Observatory issues a more severe prediction I have the ability to tape my big window.

I directed a friend who has recently moved to Hong Kong to the Hong Kong Observatory app.  I think that HKO, Studio Kuma's junk call filter, and the Citybus NWFB apps are the mandatory for residents.  Does anyone have another app that they think is necessary for Hong Kongers?


Spike said...

The Citybus app may be mandatory for HK side. For Kowloon and NT, there's the KMB app, which is quite good. The MTR app also isn't bad. The one that I'd recommend is Hong Kong Taxi Translator, which let's you look up addresses in English and then prepares a large "taxi card" to show to the driver. It also teaches you how to say the address in Cantonese and allows you to keep a list of favorite addresses. It's not complete enough for New Territories but does a good job for HK Island and Kowloon. I keep it on the home screen on my iPhone, it's that good.

architart said...

Good point. I forgot to mention the various bus companies serving other parts.

I don't have the taxi translator so thank you that.

foamier said...

Does the HK Taxi Translator teach you how to tell drivers to use their gears going uphill, or to get in the right lane?

HKers said...

You may try this one as well, Collaborative Hong Kong Taxi Translator,

Which is another taxi translator which have a request function to add address on demand.