Saturday, September 7, 2013

take it easy

On Friday morning I woke up to enjoyable, mild weather and decided to attempt riding the tram to the office since I was up earlier than usual and had time to spare.  The tram took ten minutes longer than the bus route to get to the office at around 50 minutes.  I was at an engrossing part of the book that I was reading when I boarded the tram so I continued to read as it set off, against my better judgement.  That's when I discovered that for some reason, trams do not bring on my motion sickness.

My Asian genes really come through in terms of strange quirks like lactose intolerance and motion sickness, though I have thankfully missed the bad driving genes and directionally challenged genes.  I get horribly sick when travelling in cars, minibuses, buses, and occasionally on boats and planes.  I almost never take a taxi because of the strange habit of pumping the accelerator instead of maintaining a constant speed.  You will never see me below deck or in a closed space on a boat if I can help it. When sailing, I used to drink ginger beer before bedtime or dope myself of Dramamine before heading below deck.  I am the person who makes sure that she has an airsick bag before takeoff; I have never had to use it but I came really close once and there were some terrifying minutes as the plane was landing when I got out of my seat and started frantically pawing through other passengers' seat backs.

Anyway, while riding the tram and finishing my chapter, I looked up to see that I had been in motion for ten minutes and there was nary a quiver in my stomach.  I continued to live on the edge and kept reading until suddenly we were in Quarry Bay and I was several chapters along.

This retelling may seem pointless to my readers but let me assure you that for me this is a game changer.  I love reading and this newly discovered ability to read on a tram means that I can get in some prime leisure time on the way to and from work as long as the weather allows.  I have a massive backlog of recommended reads on my Kindle that I can now address since I will have 50 minutes each was that I don't have to spend cooking, cleaning, taking SB to the hospital, etc.  Oh joy! O Fortuna!

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