Wednesday, October 2, 2013

for goodness' sake

I first heard the phrase when a teammate was trying to decide whether to stay with our club or to try something different.  Our captain contacted her to persuade her to remain.  She ended her missive with "I look forward to the good news."

My teammate shared it with me because she was under pressure and felt like she was being manipulated.  I told her that maybe it was a language thing and the comment wasn't meant to sound so heavy handed.  I was partly correct.

Apparently this is a popular phrase here along with "add oil!" and "support you!"  Maybe this phrase is used in the UK as well; a lot of popular HK phrases have British origins.

Today I was handed a convoluted set of documents by a contractor, which I was somehow expected to sort out.  "I look forward to the good new," was scrawled in the corner.

I am still in my office trying to work out the good news.

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