Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Isn't it not ironic?

When Alanis Morissette's song, "Ironic" dropped, it caused a sensation amongst literature teachers who debated whether or not the situations in the song were actually ironic.

"Isn't it ironic," sang Ms. Morissette, only to be replied with a resounding "no!"  As it turned out, the song itself became ironic by its lack of irony.

The situations described in the song, such as dying after winning the lottery or experiencing rain at your wedding, were unfortunate in an opposite of serendipity kind of way.

I experience this zemblanity on the mornings when I go to my site office. Four or five buses will pass my stop, all with 'Out of Service' signs, as they are going off shift. Un-serendipitously, the bus parking lot is right next door to my site office. We share the same entrance. Instead, I have to wait for a bus that will drop me off five minutes' walking distance from my destination.

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