Sunday, October 13, 2013

off the grid

Our various utilities have been shut off for periods of time. I wonder if this is due to roadworks and drainage works in the area or if it's normal for flushing and fresh water tanks to be serviced every few months. We also lost elevator usage, not that I minded too much because I like knowing that someone recently checked the cables and mechanics.

We didn't think too much about our internet going out on Friday night because it does that for half an hour or so from time to time, but on Saturday morning we noticed that NowTV wasn't working and the internet was still down. We called PCCW to complain and won't get anyone out to assist us for another two days. We have requested a refund for the days without internet or NowTV but it probably won't happen since it's not like we can threaten to switch to the practically nonexistent competition.

Meanwhile I am awake and missing out on my beloved TAMU football team taking on Ole Miss. And that is a tragedy. Ask SB; if I whine one more time this hour he may chloroform me with his smelly hockey glove.

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