Tuesday, October 29, 2013

reality bites

At the end of summer, I noticed that there was a trend of recipes for heirloom tomato jams.  Food bloggers were raving about the deliciousness of ripe, homegrown tomato jams and the sweet and acidic flavors being imparted.  I am a big fan of the sweet and sour combination in jams so I was sold. I imagined something similar to raspberry jam but with more of a kick.

So last weekend I picked up some ridiculously expensive organic tomatoes from City Super and downloaded a popular jam recipe.  Hours later I had a lovely, reddish-orange jam.  I grabbed a slice of sourdough bread, smeared on a healthy portion of my jam, and took a bite.  It tasted like sweet ketchup.  Well, maybe it tasted like a really lovely ketchup that someone had poured a cup of sugar into.

I went back online to check other recipes but they were all very similar to the one that I had used.  I then did a search for things to eat with tomato jam and came back with bread or bread and cheese.  I then cut a generous slice of Gouda and placed it atop the bread and jam and took another bite.  Yeah, still sweet ketchup.

I'm pretty disappointed and now I'm stuck with a couple of jars of insanely expensive and sweet ketchup.  If anyone can think of meals that can be made out of a pot of sugary ketchup, please let me know.


HKP said...
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HKP said...

I wonder if the tomatoes were refrigerated at some point (seems that's often the case in HK). They lose most of their flavor once that happens. The other thing that crosses my mind is that maybe they were organic but not heirloom varieties? You probably already know this——the heirlooms look sort of misshapen and grotesque. If they have them at City Super I'd be glad to know that, because they're one of the few things I miss about Los Angeles. Anyhow, enjoy your ketchup : )

architart said...

No, they were not heirloom tomatoes. I can't recall having ever seen them in a store so organic was the best that I could come by. I don't think heirloom tomatoes would have improved my jam by much and I probably would have been twice as unhappy for wasting them. I miss the days of picking my aunt's tomatoes off the vine and eating them with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and a sprinkle of bleu cheese.