Tuesday, October 22, 2013

the burn list

SB's sister has an exit plan.  If anything happens to her, her neighbor has been instructed to pull up to the home with a large dump truck and start filling it before her mother and family arrive.  Her sister in law has been instructed that if the neighbor fails to clear the clutter in time, she is to walk into the home with family members and exclaim over how surprised she is by the mess because it's usually immaculate.

My exit plan is more simple.  I am Type A personality through and through so there isn't any mess to be left behind.  Everything is compartmentalized, thus making my burn list easier, though no less critically important.  SB has been instructed to first find my Kindle and delete the section labeled "Lilith" which contains Gothic romances (oh, Heathcliff!), the Sookie Stackhouse series, the Charley Davidson series, and a few other books that would reveal how common my reading tastes can be. Then he is to open up one of the Booker prize novels in my Kindle as though I was most recently reading it.

SB claims that he can't think of anything that he would need to have removed if misfortune befell him.  I suspect that what he really means is that he is uncomfortable thinking about death and won't be making jokes about it any time soon.  I've tried to have a serious conversation about his intentions should anything happen but he hasn't wanted to discuss it.  I don't want him to be that guy who passes away and leaves the family at loose ends but that's how it will probably be.  Without a legal marriage, I have no rights as far as his estate is concerned, so I guess that it won't be my problem.

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