Monday, October 21, 2013

the flying fool

A few weeks ago SB was talking to his sister on the phone when their call was interrupted by a loud crash.  His sister then ran next door to the scene of a boat crash.  A speedboat had run hit the dock, skittered down the boardwalk, torn through a sidewalk, crossed the street, plowed through a small yard, and eventually came to a stop in the side of a house.  Amazingly, no one was injured.

There were a man, a woman and a small girl in the boat.  The woman was shrieking at the man for crashing the boat.  She and the man kept telling the small crowd who had come to offer help that they hadn't been drinking even though no one asked if they had.  SB's sister was disgusted that the woman seemed to be more concerned with yelling at the man than checking on her terrified child.

They were very lucky.  It turned out to be a good thing that the man was driving at a very high speed because it had caused the boat to go airborne when it hit the dock rather than crashing into the sea wall, which probably would have killed them.  They were lucky that no one was sitting at the neighboring dock or in the porch of the house that they hit.  They were lucky to be alive.

The man was arrested for being intoxicated.  The woman was allowed to leave with the girl and go to the hospital for a checkup instead of also being arrested for public intoxication. This may not have been a fairy tale ending but I would chalk it up as a very happy ending considering the circumstances.

SB's sister sent us the local news story to show us the damage.  Lucky fools.

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