Tuesday, November 5, 2013

port of calling

My only ex who I am still in contact with (unlike SB's harem) is coming to visit. He is about to retire from the Navy and is on what I am calling the goodbye tour, upon the USS George Washington.  SB is possibly more excited than I am for the visit because the ex is part of a helicopter squadron and SB loves all things mighty and military, especially those things that fly.  While being quizzed by my girlfriends about my expectations for the SB and C's first time meeting each other (frankly, I don't see any problems other than SB trying to monopolize C to talk about helicopters), word got out and now their boyfriends are also begging to meet the ex and get a tour. Try to imagine a 6'5" ginger haired man who is jumping up and down while clapping his hands and begging to be invited on the boat.  I hope C doesn't lose my number after this visit.

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