Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Put out to sea

C's visit with us was cut short because a humanitarian mission has come about for the USS George Washington. I wish him a speedy journey. Two nights ago we were watching the Typhoon's path toward the Philippines on television as we were sharing a few beers and around now he must be arriving there.

We had a last dinner and then a beer at Dusk til Dawn, which was packed with other servicemen who were enjoying their last hour of liberty. The waitress took my money and never returned with my change.  Then C bought a beer for someone that he knew and that waitress never returned with his change. This isn't the first time that this has happened so I will never buy a drink from a waitress at this establishment again. I've never been ripped off at yhe other bars.

We took a taxi to pier 10 since Fenwick pier is under construction. As we were driving up, the taxi driver took a sudden left. SB immediately questioned why he didn't drive straight and turn right but he started yelling at us and drove all the way to the Macau terminal before turning back around and then into the other side of Central piers. Then as he was nearing pier 10, at the roundabout that he originally should have gone to, he then started driving away, telling us that he was taking us to Fenwick pier. We made him stop at pier 8 and got out. I didn't want to pay that a$$hole but it was more important not to cause a problem as C was needing to leave.

After saying our goodbyes, we found another taxi to take us home; the first taxi driver was waiting at the taxi stand to rip off more servicemen but he knew better than to complain when I got into the taxi behind his. Our fare when we got home was $46 and the driver took my hundred and then said bye bye. Hah! I politely reminded him that he owed me change. I gave him the benefit of doubt that his omission of change was a mistake but then he started driving before we had fully exited the taxi, taking off with the door still open. I kinda wished that I had cut through the footpath to the taxi queue on the next street though I have no idea what I would have done had I found him.

It's disappointing to see how poorly behaved some people can be when they perceive vulnerability. I imagine that had I been drunk as they had assumed, I could have been taken for quite a ride.

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