Monday, November 4, 2013

spreading good news

My sister randomly emailed me three months ago to tell me that she had been dating "the one" for six months. We're not a family that keeps in touch regularly so this was a big deal.  She was bringing him on a trip to Europe with my parents. I was invited but couldn't make it so instead we met over Skype.  Then I didn't hear from my sister again.

After a few unanswered emails she contacted me to arrange another Skype chat.  She was acting really strange and then finally as she was getting ready to sign off she said that she had something to tell me.  Immediately I knew.  Then she stood up and lifted her shirt.  "Oh my gawd, you're fat!"  I exclaimed.  SB came rushing into the room.  "Holy cow, look at that gut!" he chimed in.

"No!  I'm pregnant!"

"Oh.  Well then, congratulations!" and then I danced gleefully around the room and bounced about in front of the computer, probably contributing to her mounting nausea.  She's already in her second trimester and her boyfriend is becoming a bit concerned that she hasn't told anyone.  She felt like she couldn't tell her friends without telling my parents first but she is afraid to tell them because they are very traditional.  I'm sure that my poor sister is remembering that time when our close friends' son knocked up his girlfriend and even though they couple married, my father was a judgmental jerk.  To the wife, not the husband.  Because that's how conservative people roll sometimes.

I chose to go the way of levity because I knew that there was a reason why she looked really pregnant and was just now telling me.  I wanted her to laugh and I succeeded.  Then I told her seriously that she needed to tell the parents because she was getting on in her pregnancy and they would need time to adjust.  It was wrong that she couldn't share the joy with her friends because of her fear of our parents.  I also wanted to tell our aunt so that when my father called to complain, she could knock some sense into him.  SB and I won't be reproducing (we can't even get our acts together to marry) so this is his only chance at grandchildren.

I'm over the moon for her.  She isn't exactly a spring chicken anymore and she always wanted babies but with her crazy job, she wasn't able to date much. It's all been so fast but I don't find myself having any trouble at all accepting the new man and the baby.  This is what she has wanted and I'm delighted for her.  I just hope she breaks the news before the baby arrives.

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