Tuesday, December 31, 2013

dawn of a new day

Ok blog friends, I need your advice. I would like to watch the sunrise tomorrow morning. My backup plan is the Shek O headlands but I would prefer something that is more remote and involves exercise.

SB and I are experienced hikers with proper clothing and shoes. We will bring our GPS and headlamps so unless the trail is extreme, we should be well equipped for an overnight or early morning hike.


smogsblog said...

My first suggestion was going to be the south east corner of Tung Lung Chau, but then I realised there's no public transport there today, so that might be tricky.

Perhaps Sharp Peak in the Sai Kung Country Park? But again transport is an issue - the last bus up tp Pak Kung Au or Wong Shek (the usual starting points) is around 7pm, so you'd have many hours to kill unless you were thinking of camping overnight.

Tai Mo Shan (HK's highest point) is another one - easier to get to: a taxi from Tsuen Wan up route Twisk, or even to the barrier at 700m elevation, although I don't think the sun would rise over the sea from there if that's what you're looking for.

Much closer to home, the lookout point on the eastern flank of Pottinger Peak has a pretty good easterly view over the sea, and that's an easy walk up either from Siu Sai Wan, or from the Shek O road near Cape Collinson Correctional Institute.

Hope that gives you some ideas...

architart said...

Thank you for the recommendations, Smoggie! We ended up hiking stage 8 of the HK Trail (Dragon's Back) to Mt. Shek O and then finding a lovely spot to watch the sun rise out of the ocean.

I think that your suggestion of Sharp Peak would have been perfect if we had more time to plan. I'm suggesting it for next year: a hike up to Sharp Peak and then a day at a picnic ground.