Monday, December 30, 2013


Did I recently mention how much I enjoy my morning goodbyes with SB? Hah! This morning I barely repressed to urge to yank the duvet off his sheet hogging body and whack him with a pillow. Repeatedly.

He said that he was going to dinner with some friends. Around midnight I decided not to wait up any longer and went to bed alone. At some time in the wee hours an elephant crashed through the bedroom door. I vaguely recall cracking open an eyelid at the commotion and witnessing him flailing about with his shirt half off.

Eventually he flopped into bed and tried to warm those gigantic flippers on my legs. I squeaked in protest and kicked him. Then I felt a cold flipper hook the hot water bottle that was warming my feet and drag it over to his side of the bed. I was too tired to fight back.

Hours later I awoke to find him impersonating a starfish and spread out across the middle of the bed. With a mighty shove, I heaved him over to his side. Not much later I awoke to find myself being pushed off the bed. Another shove got him back over to his side. No sooner had I fallen back asleep when he rolled back over. "Get oooooofffffff!!!" I shrieked. He finally rolled away, emitting an offended "hrmphh" and commenced with the snoring.

Yeah, he's not looking so adorable right now. And neither am I. I look like I feel, slouched over at my desk in sleep deprived misery.

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