Friday, December 13, 2013

It ain't over when she sings

I attended a contractor's Christmas dinner tonight. It was the first time that I had accepted such an invitation. The celebration was very much like a massive Chinese wedding, and I consider typical Chinese weddings to be grand scale events.

There were a lot of speeches. After every course several people at the table commented about how the food was so much better than last year. The food last year must have been spectacularly bad to have been mentioned repeatedly. This year's fare was okay; not bad and not especially memorable.

What was memorable was the entertainment. The company hired a bonafide local celebrity and a supposedly up and coming singer to belt out a few cantopop hits. The celebrity isn't famous for his singing and he wasn't great but he was very charming and the crowd loved him. The actual singer was even worse, as in karaoke bar at 3am bad. She shrieked her obligatory three songs and then went launched into a self promotional speech that went on and on. Just when I thought it was over, she began another song. I didn't recall anyone asking for the encore.

She was sexy, though. Furry minidress with high heeled, furry boots. It was almost worth listening to her to catch a glimpse of her little, furry hips sashaying across the stage. Almost.

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