Tuesday, December 17, 2013

much merrier

After a brief respite I am back to the holiday feasting with a vengeance. I am double booked for tonight with an office party followed by a barbecue. The BBQ party hostess has not been dissuaded by the cold temperature and rain, much to my chagrin. I have to leave the office party and rush over to Yuen Long so that I can shiver over a small grill. 

There was a competition at the office for the work group with the most festive decorations. The group closest to me went all out. They are currently all wearing white beards and sitting in desks that are adorned with streamers and origami trees. The next group over has stockings and paper snowflakes. The company directors walked by and applauded their jolly efforts.  Then they stopped at my group and shook their heads.

So we didn't exactly do much. Okay, we did nothing unless you could the tree ornament sitting on Joe's desk but it is there because it fell off of the office tree and we stole it. Maybe we should have commandeered a couple more goodies. There was some tinsel attached to the coffee machine that could have adorned  a table or two. And I swear that all of us wearing black sweaters was a coincidence.

As I pointed out to my boss, the Grinch and Scrooge have their places in Christmas, too.

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