Saturday, February 22, 2014


SB and I went to Shatin to watch the joint performance between the City Chamber Orchestra and a Flamenco group. I had never heard CCOHK and enjoyed the performance. The guitarist with the Flamenco group, Yago Santos, was outstanding. I saw him waving his hand after a particularly long piece.

SB isn't at all into dancing but he said that the dancing was good. The dancers (Rosana Romero and Adrián Santana) were very passionate and beautiful to watch. While I enjoyed Nina Corti's choreography to the Carmen Suite, I enjoyed Concierto de Aranjuez even more and I loved their encore performance. At the end of their last encore, at which point half of the audience was cheering loudly, I had to stand and clap. It doesn't seem to be something that people do here but I decided that I would rather embarrass myself by being the only one clapping than regret not having shown them how awesome the performance was.

While the Flamenco performance is gone, the Hong Kong Arts Festival is going on right now.You can catch jazz, dance, theater, opera, ballet, etc. We will be catching Giselle tonight. While I knew that it was a famous performance, I had not read the synopsis before. It sound like a rollicking, fun time.


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