Thursday, February 27, 2014

gone to the dogs, part 4

SB is singing 'My Cat's Name Is Maceo' by Jane's Addiction and one very excited dog is standing on her hind legs and trying to smother him in kisses. I can't help but pat myself on the back for the choice that we made almost two weeks ago. I am in doggie rapture myself now that I have a furry friend to call my own.

Two weeks ago: so there I was, set on Bridget for my doggie, when May brought out the final three for the day. Tamara came out with her sister, Elsie as well as Water Lily. I saw the way Tamara and SB greeted each other and I knew that despite this being my belated birthday present, we were going to leave with SB's choice. He threw a tennis ball and she fetched it. Search over.

Please let me tell you of two dogs who we left behind. There were many amazing dogs but these two bonded with us. It pains me that we couldn't take them all.

Bridget is a bundle of affection. She will love you with wild abandon, especially if you play with her. I envision her as a family dog or at least suited for people who can exercise her. She looks like a miniature cattle dog with her bob tail, folded ears and tricolor fur. SB said that her photo on the HKDR website does her no favors but I think that her cuteness still shines through. However, SB has asked me to assure anyone looking at her picture that she does NOT resemble that dog from the Omen or anything and is, in fact, quite good looking.

The other dog is Water Lily. What a sweetheart. SB was so busy with Tamara and I was so busy watching him that we totally ignored her. Eventually I felt a soft nudge on my hand and looked down to see a medium sized golden retriever mix with soulful eyes. And the parts of my heart that hadn't already melted onto the floor oozed out almost painfully. She was the sweetest, most pleasant doggie, waiting patiently for me to pet her. She was content to stand by my side, asking for nothing in return. Her only show of will was when she quietly planted her paws in protest of her walk being too short. We only had ten minutes before the Tai Po refuge closed and I agree that it was a pitifully short walk. I hope that she gets homed quickly because she doesn't fit in with the loud, rambunctious facility.

SB and I left for the night empty handed despite our efforts because we needed to debate our options. He wanted Tamara and I insisted that while not ideal, we needed to take two dogs. Elsie was also a sweet dog but shyer and more hesitant than her sister. In my mind, there was no way that we could separate them, no matter what.

Luckily, after much debate and several queries to many friends, we came up with an agreeable solution.

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