Thursday, February 27, 2014

gone to the dogs, part 5

After much soul searching and a multitude of advice from friends, SB accepted the possibility of taking on two dogs and I accepted the possibility that two dogs may not work out. We came up with a compromise to adopt Tamara (who SB wanted to promptly rename) and foster Elsie with intent to eventually adopt her barring extreme hardship.

I came home from work full of excitement to greet the dogs but instead found SB alone on the couch. His foot was really hurting. He eventually went to the hospital and discovered that he not only had gout, but a broken toe to boot. As sympathetic as I was to his suffering, I begged for him to find whatever means possible to bring home the dogs because it was cold snd rainy and I was imagining them shivering and wet. The next day he brought them home. While they had been in vehicles before, this time they must have known that something was different because Elsie shook like a leaf for the entire drive from Tai Po to Happy Valley. 

They spent their first night with us fearful and fretful. We woke up almost every hour to barking because all sorts of new sounds were waking them up.  Oh gawd, what have we done, I thought in a moment of panic. Then I looked over and saw them curled up near our bed and I knew that this was what I wanted.

It has only been one week and change but I am sure of our decision to bring them into our lives.  Tippy (Tamara's new name) and Elsie bring so much joy to my life. Tippy is a love bug who will throw herself on the floor in front of you to get her belly rubbed and curl up into your lap for a snooze.  She isn't quite the active dog we envisioned but that's where Elsie comes in. Elsie, while initially more shy, is affectionate but less focused on getting cuddled. She loves to play with her toys and is such a curios girl.  She loves looking out our window or at the television.  SB swears that she likes watching rugby. When we are at the dog park Elsie will run and run. Tippy will join in for chase through the bushes. It's like I filled an emptiness inside though I never knew that anything was missing.

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