Tuesday, February 18, 2014

love bites

We celebrated Valentine's day late due to my client being down with love and asking for some changes on Friday. I suggested skipping celebrations but SB was surprisingly adamant that we would celebrate. I suspect that part of his reason was due to the telling off that he got from one of my friends after my birthday when she found out that yet again, he didn't do anything. Poor SB's ADHD gets the best of him on these occasions.  Poor me, also. He always means to do something but then puts off planning/shopping until the last moment, only to realize that the last moment was actually the moment before. This year I tried to make it easy by telling him that I wanted a computer mouse since I knew that he was buying himself a new computer right before my birthday...but he forgot.

SB's calendar is set to remind him every month to take me to dinner. This came about after I got on his case about how I was the only one making the effort and taking him out to nice dinners or preparing something special at home. He has yet to actually take me out to dinner despite the monthly reminders, so basically the last time he did something special was on my birthday in 2011.  So yes, SB preparing Valentine's dinner was a big deal.

SB prepared sauteed potatoes with onions and rosemary, and steak. Unfortunately he lost track of time and the steak was very overcooked. I started to tease him about the crispy steak but then I noticed that he was actually very upset about it. I quickly gave him a hug and told him how much it meant to me that he had made the effort, no matter what the results. Then I cringed, remembering times in the past when I told him that meaning well meant nothing. I need to remind myself to be careful with angry words. 

I ended up giving him the slightly less crispy steak and pretending that mine was the better one. Sometimes that's what love is about - doing what you can to protect the feelings of the one you love. 

We ended our evening on a high as we ate the hideously ugly, lumpy chocolate covered strawberries that I had prepared while chortling over the British sportscasters' attempts at providing commentary to the Olympic hockey game. 

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