Saturday, March 8, 2014

change is in the air

Today, for the first time in my five years in Hong Kong, I will not be participating in the rugby grand championship finals.  I will enjoy some of the day at King's Park as a spectator, cheering on our club's three other tems who made it into the final. I will probably not spend the entire day there since I'm not ready to leave Tippy and Elsie alone for too long. This change in my priorities and interests is probably going to seal my fate as far as future playing plans.

While the weather hasn't improved, I can feel the changeover in seasons by changes in my calendar.  Lacrosse season has begun and dragonboat season is about to commence. It doesn't feel like I should be hopping into the water soon but spring in Hong Kong is a brief affair and summer is around the corner. It seems that we may miss spring entirely with how the rain and cold are continuing.  This is usually prime hiking weather but I confess that I have been less than inspired to slog out into the hills with such poor visibility.  If it weren't for the dogs I would be still in bed but we need to get our run around time in before I leave for rugby. Is anyone else experiencing a change in plans due to the weather?

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