Wednesday, March 26, 2014

miss popularity

Due to my roles as a rugby player, coach, occasional referee and club administrator I usually can procure four tickets to the sevens. I could probably get more if I pushed it but that would be greedy and there are some players who can't even access one ticket, much less four. I feel that I am entitled to my tickets because of the large number of unpaid hours that I dedicate to the playing community year-round. I usually have decided early on who I will be giving my extra pair of tickets to but that doesn't stop many of my casual acquaintances from suddenly remembering to invite me to dinner and coffee around this time of year. I am very well liked by mid March and the sadly forgotten about by early April.

Sometimes SB and I will sell the pair for face value but often we will simply give the tickets away to someone who we feel is deserving and who probably can't afford the tickets. This makes us feel good about ourselves. We once gave away a pair to someone who sold them for a massive profit and that didn't make us happy at all. We know plenty of people who use their ticket entitlement to make a profit. Even though many are poor students, I still don't think that it is Kosher to do so. I was especially insulted when I found out that a friend in the finance industry won the right to purchase a pair of tickets in the public lottery and turned around and sold them for $5K. She's making twice my salary, for goodness' sake. And worse, she sold the tickets to a friend for that much. Our group of friends came down on her pretty hard for that. Some things should be sacred - like friendship and Sevens.

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