Friday, March 14, 2014

spring has sprung

Spring must be in the air. I was able to leave my sweatshirt behind when I took the dogs for their morning walk and the smell of flowers surrounded us. The girls had their noses to the ground during much of the walk, sniffing out all the new scents. That is, until they got a whiff of cat. Oh how they love the scent of cat! They have never met a cat though they sometimes see one running away. We have had problems with them running out of the dog park to follow a cat. I wish that people would remember to close the gate when they exit. Wishful thinking.

I wish that someone would lend their cat to me so the dogs can get desensitized. I've asked my cat owning friends but for some reason the answer has been negative or strongly negative.  M & K said something about their cat crapping in their shoes if they let me bring the dogs over.

I have my first dragon boat session this weekend; I am helping out another team while training with mine. The first month is in Sha Tin.  I like paddling so much that I am willing to slog up there on Saturday morning.  SB doesn't like paddling as much so he will remain in bed. I hope that Tippy and Elsie torture him. They try to place their paws on the bed and lean into try to lick us. We force them down but it's really cute seeing their heads popping up at the side of the bed.

I love SB, I love my dogs and I like my job. I feel like running about with my arms spread wide while singing that the hills are alive with the sound of (imaginary) music.

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