Monday, March 24, 2014

strange days

For several days into the Flight MH370 disappearance I felt uncomfortable.  With all the talk about spying and surveillance, I couldn't believe that something so large could just disappear. Each day, the mystery deepened and I continued to feel disconcerted.  I read several articles detailing the Boeing 777's crash history and focused on recent groundings of similar planes to the one that disappeared.  Finding out that the plane probably went off course due to a "deliberate" act is strangely more reassuring than thinking an accident happened. Of course I rationally understand that my chances of surviving a terrorist or hijacker are not much different than surviving a mechanical malfunction but I'm still more at ease with the deliberate act idea than I am with disappearing without a trace along its flight path.

These weeks of watching the news and waiting to hear something concrete remind me a bit of the scramble for information when September 11th happened. There is panic and confusion as well as major misinformation and then a long, excruciating wait as the authorities try to sort out fact from fiction. And sometimes the truth really is stranger than fiction. I hope that we can find out soon.

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