Wednesday, April 23, 2014


When I was young, I asked my priest how would I know if god was listening and he told me that my prayers would always be answered, though not always with the answer that I wanted. Dear god, may I have a dog was definitely not answered as I wanted at the time though right now I can boast to having double what I wanted. Patience and perseverance (and twenty five years of longing) eventually yielded Tippy and Elsie.

The internet works in similar, miraculous ways. If you want an answer badly enough, you will find a way to receive it. A decade or so ago I watched an animal documentary about migrating elephants. In one episode they came upon a forest of trees that had a fermented fruit which caused them to stumble about in a hilarious, drunken fashion. I tried to find out what this fruit was but my internet searches got me nowhere. Apparently there are a LOT of elephant documentaries floating about. Since I'm one of those types of people, I could not rest until I found the fruit or discovered that my recollection of the documentary was flawed. I set up a Google Alert for drunken elephant and went about my business. Finally, after a couple of years, my questions have been answered: marula fruit. And then a light bulb went off in my head: this is why the Amarula liquor has an image of an elephant on the label. I  can guess what I'll be looking to buy in the near future.

Of all the possible sources, it was the Daily Mail that brought my answer.  Go figure. Thank you Daily Mail for answering my question and providing more images of drunken elephants to giggle over. And thank Google.

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