Wednesday, April 23, 2014

it takes a village

Along with taking a village to raise a child, it may also take a village to pay for one. My sister wants only organic for her upcoming bundle and the stuff that she's registered would have made me need to sit down if I was not already seated in front of the computer. I have no objection to organic muslin and bamboo swaddling cloths, clothing, etc., but are they really that expensive to make or is the industry that adds an extra zero to prices for wedding goods also adding integers to the price of baby goods? My bamboo sheets cost only slightly more than the freaking bit of swaddling cloth that she was asking for. I'm seriously considering cutting my sheet up and hemming it to make several swaddling cloths instead of coughing up serious dough for a plain square of designer eco-baby wear.

By the time I had scrolled down to the carriers and buggies favored by the eco-cool set SB had fled the room to avoid my exclamations of shock. My sister wasn't even asking for a lot of goods but the twenty or so items on her list equaled my monthly salary. That's a lot of money for things that won't be used beyond a couple of years. Frankly, I believe that the most environmentally conscious thing to do would be to recycle other people's gently used baby items.

In the meantime, SB keeps insisting that a bag of rocks makes a fine present.

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