Friday, May 30, 2014

deep undercover

I had some pictures of one of my job sites that I wanted to share but I have been asked not to by the client so I will save them for some time in the future. You will just have to take my word that some construction sites can be fun to tour. It was an arduous, three hour long visit in the middle of the afternoon, but very much worth it. I always feel pleasure to see my designs being built, even though everything is in early stages. Perhaps it is the early stage that makes it so exciting because there is just enough fleshed out to imagine how it will look when completed.

There is another site that I haven't even been allowed to enter. There is a situation that is apparently deemed newsworthy and the client has pretty much locked down the site for fear of someone passing pictures to the media. I'm not sure how often architects get banned from visiting their own designs while they are still trying to administer construction. I did a few projects for the Air Force back in the day and was allowed much more access, though in that case they probably should have been more circumspect since I remember viewing unpublished photos of the capture of Saddam Hussein, among other things, just lying on a meeting table.

When all of the excitement dies down (and it will because while the situation is interesting, it is not that interesting) I think that I can do a before and after comparison to show you how fun it is (for me) to watch a building transform.

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